Beat the Heat in Bali with Queens Tandoor

Bali experiences warm weather throughout the year, which can be overwhelming for those who come from tropical regions, but can be welcoming for those who come from colder regions. However, if you move towards Bali's mountain areas, the temperature drops down a little and you will experience more rainfall. Even so, the heat in Bali’s other areas can be sometimes unbearable, so you’ve got to be ready for that!

Beat the Heat in Bali

As an Indian restaurant in Bali, we would suggest you plan your trip between April-June and September, just before and after the peak seasons. But Bali’s temperature remains mild even during those months. So, if you’re booking your tickets to Bali or are already here, we’ve crafted some tips for you to beat the heat.

Dive in the waters: What’s better than a swim in the ocean in the scorching heat? Well, nothing! Bali’s oceans are crystal clear and blue and are full of life. Take a swim in there with fishes, go boating or just hit the surf. There are a few cool beaches in Nusa, Seminyak and Kuta. Oh, and you just cannot miss the sunsets there. And after you’ve experienced the calm waters, you can head over to enjoy some Indian food in Bali at Queens.

Visit Waterbom: One of the best waterparks in the world, Waterbom in Kuta is definitely someplace to be in the burning heat of Bali. You can enjoy some lively water rides, along with fine dining. Not only this place makes the heat tolerable, but it also makes your experience thrilling and fun with the daring rides. You definitely want to visit here to beat Bali’s heat. After that, you can also visit an Indian restaurant in Kuta, Queens.

Begin your day at sunset: Well, of course, you cannot miss the light in Bali, but when it is too hot, you can stay in and enjoy the in-house activities of your villa or hotel. However, you will keep safe from the heat if you step out after sunset, as the temperature drops down by then. And well, there are a lot of things to experience at night in Bali. You can party away your night at the clubs or enjoy a lavish dinner by the beach. You can head over to the Indian restaurant in Bali Indonesia, Queens for some scrumptious dinner.

Wear light clothes: You don’t want to sweat profusely while exploring Bali, and one way to avoid that is by avoiding dark colour clothes, woollen clothes or any type of material that’s not suitable for summers. Carry light and loose clothes, along with a pair of swimsuit for when you hit the beach. This can help you feel relatively better in the sweltering heat of Bali.

Bali is a beautiful place to be at, but high temperature can affect your experience. Even though the temperature remains fresh in the mountains, the must-visit beaches are in complete contrast. So, you’ve to be prepared if you’re planning a trip to Bali. And while you’re at it, you can also visit Queens Tandoor, an Indian restaurant there. 
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