Top 5 Yachting Destinations in the Mediterranean

Serene lucid waters, rich history and architecture, rustic artwork and never-ending beaches. These words would describe an ideal holiday of every yacht fanatic, and if they strike a chord with you too, then the Mediterranean is where you ought to go.

Now that the frosty European winter has bid adieu, yachting charters in the area are bracing themselvesfor the upcoming sailing season.Islands, beaches, luxury stores, seascapes, cruise rides, food festivals – you name it, the Mediterranean has got it for you. There are endless chartering opportunities all throughout the Mediterranean. Looking for the best destination for yachting this summer? Here is a list of the top 5 yachting destinations in the Med that every yachtie needs to visit at least once in a lifetime.

The French Riviera

Need a wholesome experience of the true yacht-life? Then France has got to be on your bucket list. France has a reputation of being a glamorous location with many popular charter facilities available on the Mediterranean coastline in its southeast corner. It is known for being a tourist attraction and one of the most sought after locations for destination weddings.

With plenty of activities and spotsto choose from, yachters are sure to have too little time for too much to explore. The very popular Cannes is the best starting point for a perfect yacht holiday in the French Riviera. Head over toCote d’Azur that has several luxury charters and boat rentals availableto yacht away towards spectacular destinations including Saint Tropez,Grasse, Antibes, and Eze.France is undoubtedly famous for its strikingarchitecture, golden sandy beaches, luxury brands, and tasty cuisine.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is no doubt a popular and historically important destination. Every yachtie dreams of cruising along the spectacular Italian coast. Located in Italy is the Amalfi coast, locally known as CostieraAmalfitana. This popular Italian summer destination is a must visit for yachters who dream of a sophisticated Italian charter.

The Amalfi Coast stretches some 30 milesand has many yacht services available for those who wish to take a ride in the crystal-clearblue waters. This coast provides a perfect amalgamation of scenic green mountains in Capri and historical architecture such as in Positano. You can also spend time trying out exquisite local dishes while visiting nearby areas like Pompeii, Cetara, the bay of Naples etc. This picturesque cruising spot is famous for its historical background and fashion picks, not to forget the incredible Italian cuisine.

Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

Located in Southern Italy, the Sicily and Aeolian Islands are worth touring for every yachter. Off the northern coast of Sicily lie the Aeolian Islands which are comprised of seven islands:Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano, Alicudi, Lipari, Panarea, and Filicudi. The volcanic islands here are home to some spectacular scenery with occasional views of flowing lava.

Together with the Sicilian cities of Palermo and Catania, these island destinations are a must visit for those sailors who are looking for a breezy holiday paired with adventurous rides in the clear seas. The best and most unique part of this destination is the brilliant views of the snow-laden hills of Mount Etna in the vicinity.One could be in a dilemma whether to choose a charter yacht from Sicily to witness molten lava flowing from the crater at Stromboli or have a relaxing volcanic mud bath at Vulcano.Apart from the beautiful scenery, this destination also promises a wide variety of cuisines and locally popular dishes that could melt your taste buds.

Croatian Islands 

Croatia is well-known to be a sailor’sparadise, partly owing to the 1,200 islands in the area. There are several complexes of islands to sail through including the Northern Dalmatia, the Northern Seacoast, the Southern Dalmatia and Central Dalmatia. With so many destinations to move about, this place is the hub for yachters who wish to experience an adventurous yachting tour.

Visitors have a variety of offshore options likesea-view restaurants in Split or a good walk through Diocletian’s Palace, and inshore options likea full moon party at Carpe Diem Beach. Hvar is a fun location for party lovers with its beautiful scenery, extraordinary cuisine and state-of-the-art restaurants built into its historic ruins.Dubrovnik is another Croatian city worth visiting. It faces the Adriatic Sea and has a rich history which reflects in its architecture.Yachting through the Croatian islands can be made an unforgettable experience by extending the sail towards Montenegro, a place known for its natural beauty.


Although not as popular as the above-mentioned destinations, Malta is a true gem for yachters who wish to explore history and experience an avid array of secluded adventurous spots. Owing to its coves and beaches,this is the perfect place for yachters who love to visit places with loads to explore.

The islands of Comino and Gozo are a must-visit if you wish to spend your time at the coastline. The Maltese archipelago consists of 21 islands including unique beaches with red sands surrounded by crystal clear waters and rocky inlets. Malta is in fact just a cruise-ride away from Sicily and offers several secluded spots for anchorage. Make the best of Malta’s fantastic waters with exciting water sports and unique diving sites.

With so many choices of splendid locations available in the Mediterranean, this part of the world is surely a one-stop destination for every sailing enthusiast out there. Whether it is a short yachting trip that you are looking for or a long vacation spree, the Med offers more than you’ll be able to cover. So the next time you crave for a holistic holiday on the sea, the Mediterranean is the place to go.

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