5 Amazing Adventure Stories With A Dog Based On True Events

Do you think traveling is a joy available only to a human being?

Here are five amazing stories of great travelers. Everyone has a blog of one`s own and social media pages.

1.Miami and Marianna

Please meet! A little Chihuahua named Miami is an Instagram star. The right name for the traveler, is not it?
Little Miami was a "defective" puppy. The life of the exhibition dog was not in the cards. However, he was destined to become a great traveler. Marianna found a small puppy in the shelter. The girl works in the hotel business and travels a lot.

Miami and Marianna Adventures

For three years, they traveled together with Miami across 15 states of America and half of Europe. Each time coming out Miami and Marianna take photos and share on social networks. How many amazing places on the planet did this Chihuahua see?! We can only envy him.

2.Loki and Kelly

A gay couple from the state of Colorado - Kelly Land and his "Volkopes" (a mixture of huskies, wolves, and Malamutes), named Loki - do not leave a single chance. After looking at only a few pictures in their blog, it feels like grabbing a backpack straight away and go ahead, to new adventures.

Kelly's philosophy is straightforward. The fellow is sure the dogs are not made to guard the house while merely sitting in the backyard and hopes that he and Loki will inspire the owners to go with their pets in search of adventure.

To set an example for other dog owners, Kelly Lond started an Instagram account in which he uploads photos of their joint travels. After viewing them, you will realize that you always need to find time to spend with your pets.

3.Maddie and Theron

Another inseparable couple of travelers who have already traveled all over America. The whole world is ahead of them.

Maddie and Theron

Theron Humphrey is just crazy about traveling and changing locations. One day, he met Maddy, a dog of the Coonhound breed, who became his faithful companion and model.

Maddy's unique ability to pose in front of the camera brought her worldwide fame on the Internet. It seems that for the sake of a successful shot, the dog is ready to stand still in any position: on the top of a human pyramid, in a telephone booth, on a stump or with a carrot in his teeth.

4. Wolf and John

Hardly anything in the animal world can be stronger than the bond between a dog and a person. Illustrator-photographer John Stortz shows this very clearly in his works.

He travels throughout the United States with a beautiful dog with a decent nickname Wolf. From his travels, he brings incredibly beautiful photos. The dog's full name sounds like Wolfgang; the dog was taken in a shelter a few years ago.

Wolf and John

Their Instagram brings real pleasure, see and enjoy the beautiful photos of Wolfgang, which combine the incredible love of nature.

A resident of Scotland, Charlotte Lewis came up with a business, which is an adventure for dogs.

She loved to walk with her dog around the outskirts of her city and thinking about how to organize for her an exciting adventure. She decided to arrange experiences for dogs and their owners.

After all, dogs are also interested in wandering through the mountains, paddling on boats and canoes, passing an obstacle course, and just breathing fresh air in the company of their brethren.

Events are organized in various places in the immediate environment - in the mountains, on the rivers.

Everyone is welcome with dogs (one owner must be present for one dog).

The event usually takes place in one day, within a few hours (depending on the range and intensity of the hike).

Ticket price is between 20-70 pounds per person (with a dog).

Applications for adventure entrepreneur accepts from her site thedogbackpacker.co.uk and Facebook page: facebook.com/pg/thedogbackpacker/events/

It seems a very nice business for me. In any case, the dogs in your city will be delighted if you organize similar adventures for them (if I were a dog, I would have liked it).

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