Top 5 Best Destinations for water sports

Most people love being in the water but the fun can increase twofold when there are a lot of water activities to indulge in. There are many places around the world that are blessed with exquisite water bodies like rivers, lakes, seas and oceans and is a playground for the many water enthusiasts who want to have a good time. Some of these places include Andaman and Nicobar islands, Mauritius, Maldives and Thailand. Here is a list of the various water activities that you can try in these places.

1.Andaman: Andaman is a place where you can enjoy a lot of water activities. There are activities like banana boat rides where you can sit on banana shaped-boats, enjoy the splash on your face, and probably get yourself wet. Snorkelling & scuba dive is another activity where you can see the colourful life that belongs to the under water sea. You should view the coral reefs as it is truly beautiful. Get best Andaman tour package including airfare and explore the many water sports.

2.Mauritius: Mauritius is place well known for different kinds of water activities. Try out cave sea kayaking. There are many mysterious islands and caves to explore. Upon entering the caves you can discover basalt rock gardens. One way to watch the marine life without ever getting wet is to take a ride in the blue safari submarine. You can get to see exotic corals and ships that have sunk at the bottom of the sea floor. Choose a Mauritius tour package and enjoy the waters of the island.

3.Maldives: Go to Maldives and have a fun ride in a glass-bottom boat. The centre part of the boat has a glass fixture where you can see the under-water sea creatures. The colour of the water is a magnificent turquoise and is very beautiful. Try big game fishing where you can get some of the rarest species like sailfish and tuna. You can get real close to the creatures of the sea by doing underwater walking. It is quite fun and enjoyable. Book a Maldives tour package and get to experience the thrills.

6.Thailand: In Thailand you can enjoy white water rafting. The rivers in North Thailand have a rocky terrain and hence there is more adventure when you go downstream in a raft. Kite-surfing is another water sport that you must try. You need a lot of strength to enjoy this sport. The controlled kite helps you zip across on the blue waters. Choose Thailand tour package with airfare for hassle free holiday trip.

There are many places around the world which can be your playground to indulge in various water activities. Go around the world in search of such places and get to explore the many water sports.

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