First Trip To Sri Lanka - Things You Must Know

Sri Lanka is a spectacular travel destination in Southeast Asia where nature, culture and heritage come together to offer endless opportunity to explore its gems. If you are travelling to Sri Lanka for the very first time, there are high chances that you will find it puzzling often what to do and not to do. Go through the following points to know what you must know before visiting Sri Lanka.

1. Don’t display affection in public

Like many other Southeast Asian countries, Sri Lanka also firmly believes in traditional ways of life. People of Sri Lanka have been taught to maintain these conservative aspects via their words and actions. When you are booking a Sri Lanka package, remind yourself to keep a control over your personal emotion and not to display extreme affection in public.

2. Dress modestly

You will be amazed to see how men and women in Sri Lanka manage to keep their body parted well covered in spite of hot and humid tropical weather. During your Sri Lanka trip, don’t get tempted to wear only short dresses like you have done that in other beach destinations. Western clothes are completely fine to wear unless they flash too much of your skin.

3. Show respect to their belief and religion

Religions in Sri Lanka are strongly believed and meticulously followed by the local people. Don’t throw any disrespectful comment or action that can hurt their religious belief. Sri Lanka tourism also promotes the country as a cultural and heritage destination to the world. Buddhism is fondly followed by many people of Sri Lanka. Don’t turn your back to any Buddha statue or touch a monk particularly on their head. Take your shoes off before entering any temple. Cover your head with scarves or a piece of cloths to show your respect for their deity.

4. Don’t consider Buddha as an object of decoration

Many people like to decorate their homes with Buddha head or ink a Buddha tattoo on their body. In Sri Lanka, any act that projects Buddha as an object for decoration is considered to be utterly disrespectful and degrading. If you have any Buddha tattoo on any part of your body, then better you keep that part covered with your clothes when you are travelling to Sri Lanka.

5. Respect their political past

Sri Lanka has seen a very violent political restlessness in past. Still this time, few areas in Sri Lanka are bleeding from political violence. This not at all puts the safety of travellers at risk but as a traveller you shouldn’t comment anything on this to hurt or to disrespect their political struggle.

6. Don’t forget to try local delicacies

Sri Lankan foods are simply lip-smacking. Rice and coconut oil are common in use. Spicy and aromatic dishes are so common in this country. Local cuisines never fail to amuse your taste-buds with so much of exotic flavours and aroma. You may suffer from little bit of digestive problem with Sri Lankan foods at first but soon they will win your heart for sure.
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