How to Become a Tourist in your Hometown

It’s funny how you can go abroad and take dozens of pictures of the buildings, skylines, beaches and yet you live in a beautiful city and never really wander around it and visit all the tourist hotspots. Well, if you’re looking for a new appreciation for your hometown (or a weekend getaway without leaving your county), here are seven ways to become a tourist in your local city.

how to become a tourist

Find the Top Ten Attractions-

Get your phone out, and google the top ten tourist attractions in your town, it's that simple! Make it almost like a treasure hunt and try and find them all yourself, take some pictures and view these daily hotspots from the mind of a tourist. The architecture used around the UK entirely changes depending on where you are and while some cities and become much more modern, you might be living in a town with rare architecture that you won't find in many other places.

Show Your Friends and Family Around-

If you’ve moved away from any family or friends and they have never really ventured around your local town, this is the perfect place to start. Taking a real tourist around your hometown makes it much easier to pick out where to go and what to show them. You might be used to seeing some buildings and attractions every day, so showing someone with a new fascination is the surest way to make sure you don't miss anywhere when trying to be a tourist yourself.

Explore Transport-

If you’re lucky enough to live in the city centre, you’ll find that you walk everywhere. Testing out the local bus routes, trams, or metros will help you see a city from a new perspective. You’ll likely find some hidden buildings an unusual bar or some amazing food if you try and approach the city from a different any.

Explore Transport-

Taste New Things-

Find out what the best restaurants in the city are and try a new one, maybe even try a local speciality (if you haven't already). Nothing makes you feel more like a tourist than tasting new things, and one of the most fun parts of being on holiday is trying incredible new cuisines that will always remind you of your time in the destination.

Taste New Things-

Go to a Sports Game-

Football, rugby, tennis or whatever else your hometown is famous for, attending a local sports game is bound to warm your heart with local team spirit, and it won't even take up much of your weekend adventure.

Go to a Sports Game-

Visit The Hipster Hot spots-

The culture of every town and city varies on your whereabouts and while you might be used to spending your time eating and drinking in one area, another section of the city might be a hot spot for different personalities and visiting them will really help you see the whole town in a new light.

Visit The Hipster Hot spots-

Become a Tourist-

If you’re struggling for a starting point, then the easiest way to become a tourist in your hometown is to do all of the tourist activities. So you can get on the inner city tour bus, visit the art galleries, museums and who can forget sitting at the city parks and seeing locals and tourist enjoying the sun together, just don't forget to take your camera as this is essential for looking like a tourist.

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