What You can Expect from Trip to Italy

The little peninsula of Italy offers a unique European and Mediterranean blend for any traveler. A trip to Italy is an experience for the cuisine and those looking for and adventure in history. Antique hunters should also be prepared for the treasures found in Italy's cobblestone streets and well-lined markets.

Architectural marvels

Italy plays homage to both the pre-Christian and Roman Catholic architecture that graces its city centers. The Colosseum and Pantheon are relics of ancient Roman government and leisure. The intersecting arches and strength of the structure are a part of this architectural marvel. A trip to Vatican City adjacent to Rome provides an opportunity to look into St. Peter's Basilica in St. Peter's Square. This location offers a rare glimpse into the Swiss guard and the daily routine of the Holy See.

The city of Florence and Venice are artistic capitals that pay homage to the great painters of Italy. Many tourists will see artists painting in the streets as well as bookbinding services displaying hand bound journals. Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and the modern world and thus contains some of the best art in Europe. Michelangelo's David and art by Leonardo can be enjoyed alongside a trip to the street markets for replicas and original finds.

The wine and dine capital

Italy is host to some of the best cuisine in Europe. Taking a cooking class in conjunction with food tasting is an excellent option. Many of these tours include walking tours to highlight key restaurants and markets for authentic Italian cuisine. Italian food is rich and full. Travelers should take the time to try the Italian form of ice-cream known as gelato. Many travelers may also consider stocking up on wine and various forms of oils and spreads. The price of a bottle of wine is very inexpensive compared to other countries.

Local traveling tips

A trip to Italy offers a chance to touch thousands of years of history as well as a rich history of tradition. Italy became a part of the European Union 1993. The local currency uses the standard currency of the Euro. The best time to visit the country is from early spring until June and late September until Thanksgiving. Airfare is lower and the crowds are less during this time of year. There are several train services that run through Italy. ItaliaRail and trenitalia offer local service to major and minor destinations at reduced fares with a pass. The eurorail service allows visitors to connect to nearby countries for extended trips.

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