Travel Incentive Programs for Employees

One of the famous travelling companies is happy to present a variety of Travel Incentive Programs for Employees who are traveling on business or pleasure. These luxury travel services are available for a variety of occasions, ensuring that everyone will have a better time when they are on vacation or traveling for their job.

types of incentive travel

Through the incentive travel programs, the company provides a variety of services to customers, such as picking up customers at the airport, renting out chartered yachts, booking hotels, and getting luxury apartments ready. It is also possible to book theater tickets, reservations at exotic restaurants, attend film premieres, visit charity galas, and VIP parties/nightclubs. Even if a person thinks that their request is absurd and over the top, it is possible that we will be able to help. They have access and contacts in all the right parts of New York, ensuring world class service at all times.

Travel Incentive Programs for Employees

During the travel incentive travel programs We have an excellent support staff, with workers present who speak English, French, Russian and Italian. Knowing multiple languages is something they pride themselves on as it allows them to better communicate with foreign clients. If a person has any questions about their itinerary, their travel plans, or other arrangements that need to be made, the customer service is there to help. It takes away the stress, tension and inconvenience out of a traveling experience.

Services Available with Us

Personal Assistants-

When a person is traveling, they need help in arranging the fine details of their trip. Whether it may be making calls, booking appointments, ordering gift, or getting cleaning services taken care of, We can provide a personal assistant who does all of this. Discounts are available for five star hotels,business and first class airline tickets, airport lounges, and other VIP services.

types of incentive travel


If someone is looking for getting into an exclusive nightclub, score reservations to a highly popular restaurant, or get tickets to a movie premiere, the traveling company will do everything to make these things happen. Not only can customers get access to these services, it is done with minimal effort. The traveling company will do all the heavy lifting.

Family Trips-

For those traveling with their families, trips to New York can be an even more stressful time. We can help to ease a lot of that burden. In addition to their other services, We helps with shopping for designer clothes, children's clothes, home furniture, and other luxury items.Our corporate incentive travel programs are of the highest quality, providing a unique service to those who visit New York. Traveling will never be more exciting and less stressful than it is with the help of the company's world class services.
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